Weekly Announcements

Prayer times inshaAllah (Allah-willing) no changes:

Fajr: 5:20
Dhuhr: 12:40
‘Asr: 4:55
Maghrib: 5:50
‘Isha: 8:15

Jumu’ah (Nov 13): 12:05-12:45 (Caribbean House)

***If you would like to help set up, please arrive by 11:30am***

***In case of rain: Salah at the Musalla is relocated to SD4 Top Floor Study Room, Salah at LMNOP Hill is relocated to P4***

Saturday Night Halaqahs after ‘Isha, at the Musalla. For specific topics, email info@sgumsa.com OR contact Br. Ali Yahia (aabdalla@sgu.edu).

Qur’an recitation Halaqahs for a short time after every Fajr Salah at the Musalla, inshaAllah. Contact Br. Adlan Ibrahim (aibrahi1@sgu.edu) for more details.

MSA T-shirts: Contact info@sgumsa.com, or any Board Member.

Volunteering at Bel-Air Orphanage: Sat, Nov. 14, 9am-12pm. Please sign up on the document below if you intend to come.

Click here to access the Google Doc

Upcoming Events. Mark your calendars inshaAllah!

  1. Islam Awareness Week