Spring 2016 MSA Board

Assalamualaikum. Please welcome your Spring 2016 Term SGU MSA Board

Executive roles:

– President: Br. Sohaib Mannan
– Vice-president: Sis. Sara Jaka
– Treasurer: Br. Haris Noorani
– Secretary: Sis. Sana Shakeel
– Islamic Coordinator: Br. Ammar Ahmed

Director Roles:

– Community Services Director: Br. Junaid Anwar
– Brothers’ Representatives: Br. Anas Quraeshi, Br. Thierno (Yahya) Diallo
– Sisters’ Representatives: Sis. Iqra Aftab, Sis. Mariam Alamgir
– Term 5 Representative: Sis. Hira Chaudhary
– Term 3/4 Representative: Br. Farhan Husain
– Term 2 Representative: Br. Saad Arshad, Sis. Rida Sandhu
– Term 1 Representative: TBD
– Senior Advisor: TBD


SGU MSA is a community centered around students, faculty, and local Muslims. We are an ummah (nation) within an ummah. May Allah allow them and all of us to lead, contribute, benefit, and grow, within our community. Ameen.